As many of you have noticed, the 1150 N. Allen (the old Gas Station) Project is well under way. The developer hopes to have the second story framed and a wood roof (not the final completed roof) on by March 31, with the completion date set for July 31.

The developer has cooperated with BRNA from day one, been responsive to our requests, and we believe is constructing a project all of Brigden Ranch can be pleased with.

You may be aware that the original developer planned a three-story big box project that did not fit in with our neighborhood. It would have been built all the way to the street, restricting views of traffic, and with no “style” or thought given to our neighborhood architecture. Five years ago, your Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Association Board began applying pressure on the City to stop the initial project. After many meetings, the City recalled the zoning permits and agreed to buy back the property from the first developer for about $1 million. To our knowledge, this had never been done before in Pasadena. They also agreed to our requests for including “moderate income” condominiums priced to attract local Pasadena workers.

Eventually, the current developer was approved by the City. The developer has worked with the City and BRNA to design a condominium project we believe is more in fitting with your neighborhood. The architect describes the design as Santa Barbara inspired Spanish style.

The condominium project is a two-story mixed-use building. It will contain two mixed use (live-work) spaces. These consist of a commercial unit downstairs tied to a residential living space on the second floor. The idea is to allow for someone to live in a condominium and have an office downstairs. This space is ideal for home offices, architects, and other low-use workspaces.

These live-work spaces are prohibited from being retail (stores, bakeries, dry cleaners, etc.) or restaurants.

The price for the live-work spaces are expected to be in the low- to mid-$500,000s.

Additionally, there are four residential living spaces on the second floor. Through discussions with BRNA, the City and the developer, these will be targeted at moderate income, first-time homebuyers. Moderate income is defined as a family earning about $56,000 to $70,000. This type of buyer might be a recent college graduate just starting out. They might be an entry-level worker, perhaps a police officer, city worker, teacher, architect, city college worker, or such.

One of the residential living spaces is a one-bedroom priced at $232,000. Two are two-bedrooms priced at $262,000. One is three-bedrooms priced at $292,000.

Prospective buyers will be closely screened to make sure they meet all requirements and understand all the restrictions of the project. They first must be approved by the bank, and then by the City, which has very strict requirements for this type of project. The restrictions will prevent any investors from buying into the project.

You may have seen that the building sits back from Brigden and Allen. Off-street parking will be inside the structures, and should be adequate for each unit. We are discussing the need to maintain the red curb markings on Brigden and Allen to avoid traffic problems due to cars turning onto and off Brigden. The street light on the south side of Brigden has been relocated 10 feet to meet City requirements.

A small garden is being considered.

The developer has worked hard to keep the outside of the site cleaned up. About 90% of the deliveries (like wood) have been made, so neighbors shouldn’t be inconvenienced.

If you have a question, feel free to email me at donnduff@aol.com and I’ll get you an answer.

Donn Dufford
Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Association