Our Protected Trees

Pasadena’s Code Enforcement and the Pasadena Police Dept. have asked us to remind everyone that there are strictly enforcement regulations against pruning, cutting, or removing protected trees. There are about 100 types of trees protected under the Pasadena Tree Protection Ordinance. Even if these trees are on your property, your back or side yard, or hang into a house in the county, they’re protected.

A permit must be obtained, and in most cases, an arbohrist consulted. Most gardeners do not know what trees are protected, nor how much to cut (25% max), how the tree must be trimmed/cut, or the best time of year to cut them. Tree services either don’t know, or only care about collecting your money. For more information before you consider cutting your trees, review the City of Pasadena ordinance.

The ordinance is in place to “preserve and grow our urban forest.” Cut too much, at the wrong time or in the wrong way (topping is destructive), and the tree can die.

Remember the speed limit on Brigden Ranch roads is always 25 miles per hour.

Donn Dufford
Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Association

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