Brigden Ranch Alert

One of our homeowners in the 1900 block of Brigden was approached by a black male and white female around 7 p.m. tonight. The couple had an ADT security sign and told the homeowner he could get a free security system if he put the sign on his lawn.

Our neighbor said no and the couple left. But upon checking, our neighbor found his neighbors were NOT contacted by the couple.

Every few months we do have a security company come through Brigden Ranch offering free service. Whether this is legitimate isn’t known. Whether the couple was casing the neighborhood isn’t known. Our neighbor called me and I asked him to alert the police. If the police have a patrol car available, they’ll send in through the neighborhood.

The police have told us crimes like burglary are increasing because of the economic downturn. Just because Brigden Ranch hasn’t been hit hard doesn’t mean we should let our guards down.

Be alert.

This does bring up the point that security systems DO help prevent burglaries. When a burglar sees a Protection One, ADT or other security sign and stickers on windows, they usually will pass that house by. Speaking from experience we avoided a burglary in another house we own by having Protection One service. I know this works.

Donn Dufford
BRNA President

Be sure to vote March 8. Who leads your City and school district is important.