Break-In Alert

On April 28 (Thursday) Two homeowners in the 2200 block of Brigden Road came home about 5 p.m. to find their houses broken into and ransacked.

A witness said it appeared two young girls were going door-to-door to see if anyone was home.  They rang the doorbell and stayed around longer than someone might have if it was apparent no one was home.

The homes were later broken into. The thieves stayed in the houses quite awhile. Jewelry was taken. Drawers were taken out and the contents scattered throughout the houses. Shaving cream and glue were used to ruin laptops. Paint was sprayed throughout the houses and on big screens. In one house, the thieves used a kitchen knife to rip apart all the upholstered furniture.  Knives were stuck into the walls.

Both houses appear to have been broken into at a rear window using a screw driver.

At one house, clues were left that may lead to the burglars.

The police theorize that the thieves are not from this area, but were looking for opportunities.

It should be noted that seems to be a pattern in the string of houses where the burglaries occurred — one house with a dog outside but no car in the driveway; one without a dog or car in the driveway — broken into; a house with a dog and car; a house with a car in the driveway; a house with no car but a dog outside; a house without a dog or car in drive — broken into.

Burglars don’t want to chance breaking into a house with a car in the drive, or a barking dog.

The police also recommend considering alarm systems.  Again, thieves don’t want to take a chance.

The poor economy is forcing more people to steal.

A reminder:  If you see someone like the two girls mentioned, PLEASE get involved.  Call the police non-emergency number immediately.  If this had been done, perhaps these burglaries could have been avoided.

We must watch out for our neighbors or we may come home to find the mess and thousands of dollars worth of damage that happened today.

Donn Dufford

Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Assn.