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You are invited to the Grand Opening of the Allen-Brigden Classics, 5:30-7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 29 at the site, 1142 N. Allen (at Brigden).

A brief ceremony is planned for 6 p.m., with the project open to the public.

It has been a long journey, but the end product is one that fits Brigden Ranch and is a great gateway to our neighborhood.

That journey began five years ago when your Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Association discovered the old gas station, closed for about 30 years, was going to be replaced by a large three-story box of condominiums that would be out of place in our neighborhood. Our efforts convinced the City to buy back the property from the developer and go with a smaller, more appropriate and more attractive project. Allen-Brigden Classics consists of four condominium units that were quickly sold to first-time, moderate-income buyers who will receive financial assistance from the City of Pasadena. As was intended, all four buyers work and live in Pasadena.

The other two units are work/live spaces designed for home-based business owners. No retail or traffic-producing businesses will be allowed.

The developer is Trademark Development of Pasadena, which has been extremely open and accommodating to Brigden Ranch and our neighbors. Unlike the planned first project, the current design by architect Tyler/Gonzalez Associates is tasteful and fits the architecture and colors found on Brigden Road.

The following Brigden Ranch residents are to be thanked and commended for spending hundreds of hours collecting neighbor signatures against the initial project, meeting with the City Council and our council member to pursue alternatives, studying zoning and planning regulations and reviewing them with the City’s Planning and Zoning departments, discussing concerns and desires with the developer, and much more.

Thanks to Liane Enkelis, Julia LaGrua, Stacy Lewis, Armand Montiel, Monica Villegas, and Augustin Zuniga for laying the foundation for this successful project. And especially to the late Henry Sherrod, who took on the job of totally understanding Pasadena’s zoning and planning regulations, without which, the welcome new project would not have been built. A special thanks to our Councilman at the time, Paul Little, who listened to our concerns and took affirmative action. And to Paul’s great assistant, Margo Fuller.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone, Pasadena now has one of the first and best work/live housing projects. We are looking forward to our new residential and business neighbors becoming part of Brigden Ranch. And we’re glad the unsightly gas station is a distant memory.

We hope to see you Wednesday.

On a separate note, Pasadena’s Code Enforcement and the Pasadena Police Dept. have asked us to remind everyone that there are strictly enforcement regulations against pruning, cutting, or removing protected trees. There are about 100 types of trees protected under the Pasadena Tree Protection Ordinance. Even if these trees are on your property, your back or side yard, or hang into a house in the county, they’re protected. A permit must be obtained, and in most cases, an arbohrist consulted. Most gardeners do not know what trees are protected, nor how much to cut (25% max), how the tree must be trimmed/cut, or the best time of year to cut them. Tree services either don’t know, or only care about collecting your money. For more information before you consider cutting your trees, review the City of Pasadena ordinance.

The ordinance is in place to “preserve and grow our urban forest.” Cut too much, at the wrong time or in the wrong way (topping is destructive), and the tree can die.

Remember the speed limit on Brigden Ranch roads is always 25 miles per hour.

Donn Dufford
Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Association

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All residents of Brigden Ranch and surrounding blocks are invited to attend a Neighborhood Watch Meeting on Monday, April 26, 2010.

Anita Butler from the Neighborhood Services Unit of the Pasadena Police Department, along with one of our Central Service Area 3 officers will attend this meeting. They will update us on the recent crime activity in the Brigden Ranch neighborhood and how we can assist in preventing future occurrences.

This meeting is an opportunity for you to learn more about crime prevention and to help organize Neighborhood Watch Programs in Brigden Ranch. We will also leave time to address any issues or concerns you may have.

The Neighborhood Watch meeting will be held at the home of Laura Lee-Chin & Mathieu Desbrun, 2210 Woodlyn Road (Between Martelo and Craig), Monday, April 26 at 7 p.m. Please let them know if you can attend – (626) 798-0131. Laura is Pasadena Police Central Service Area Advisory Community Member.