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Our Protected Trees

Pasadena’s Code Enforcement and the Pasadena Police Dept. have asked us to remind everyone that there are strictly enforcement regulations against pruning, cutting, or removing protected trees. There are about 100 types of trees protected under the Pasadena Tree Protection Ordinance. Even if these trees are on your property, your back or side yard, or hang into a house in the county, they’re protected.

A permit must be obtained, and in most cases, an arbohrist consulted. Most gardeners do not know what trees are protected, nor how much to cut (25% max), how the tree must be trimmed/cut, or the best time of year to cut them. Tree services either don’t know, or only care about collecting your money. For more information before you consider cutting your trees, review the City of Pasadena ordinance.

The ordinance is in place to “preserve and grow our urban forest.” Cut too much, at the wrong time or in the wrong way (topping is destructive), and the tree can die.

Remember the speed limit on Brigden Ranch roads is always 25 miles per hour.

Donn Dufford
Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Association

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Here are two items that may interest you –

FIRST — During the past few weeks there has been lengthy discussion between the City, PUSD, Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Association, and residents along Roxbury and Mountain about the impact of generators and lights being used at night on Marshall fields.

The neighbors immediately impacted, and your Association, objected to an independent club soccer team (not a Marshall team) using the fields at night, with up to seven noisy generators running flood lights on tall polls.  We were concerned that the district and City were allowing outsiders to use Marshall and severely impacting the quality of life in the neighborhood, without considering the feelings of the neighbors.

The lights and generator noise prevented homeowners from opening their doors and windows at night, opening their window shades, or sitting outside on their patios.

After hearing from the neighbors, all of whom objected, the district re-wrote the permit for the soccer team.  The team will only be allowed to use Marshall during weekend days, and will not be permitted to use generators and lights.

SECOND — What also came out of this incident, is a chance as a neighborhood to voice our concerns about the impact Marshall Fundamental School has on our area.

Council Member Margaret McAustin, and PUSD Board President Tom Selinske will host a meeting to discuss the impacts Marshall has on our neighborhood.  They will listen to your concerns and respond.

Areas of concern may include how the Marshall fields/facilities will be utilized under the proposed joint-use of facilities plan.  Under this plan, the public will be able to use school facilities through Pasadena.  What some people are concerned with is who will be allowed to use the fields and facilities (neighbors, or anyone outside the immediate neighborhood).  Traffic issues.  Parking.  Crime and graffiti.  The future of Marshall.

The community meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, January 15 –

6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Marshall School Library

Members of the Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Association (like you) are being invited, as well as residents on Roxbury and Mountain.

Please feel free to invite any of your neighbors who haven’t received this note.  You may get duplicates of this information from different sources.

Should you not be able to attend, and want to have your thoughts heard, please e-mail me your ideas.


Donn Dufford
Brigden Ranch Neighborhood Association President

If you have questions, please contact:

Margo Fuller
District 2 Field Representative
(626) 744-4742
(626) 744-3814 fax

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