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Frequently Requested Pasadena Area Phone Numbers

City Clean Up Phone Numbers

The following information will help you learn how to do your part in keeping our community beautiful. All telephone numbers are in the 626 area code.

Team Up to Clean Up! 744-7290
Cleaning up a neighborhood is easier if you’re organized. The city’s Neighborhood Connections Office offers a long list of free services to support the improvement efforts of residents and neighborhood associations.

Shopping Cart Hotline 744-8CART
Shopping carts are the property of supermarkets and should not be stolen from the premises under any circumstances. When you call the hotline to report abandoned shopping carts in your neighborhood, you’ll leave detailed information in voice mail and the carts will be picked up in a day or so.

Graffiti Hotline 744-7622
The City of Pasadena has a zero tolerance policy for graffiti and is committed to removing graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported. Call any time, day or night, to give the address or location, a description of the graffiti and other information.

Illegal Signs 744-4633
Illegal signs are a big source of clutter in neighborhoods, advertising everything from yard sales to gun shows. Stapling, taping or otherwise affixing these signs to telephone poles, street trees and light standards is illegal and citations can cost up to $500.

Unkempt Yards 744-4633
Overgrown vegetation and accumulations of junk are fire hazards as well as havens for rats and other vermin and are therefore prohibited by the Pasadena Municipal Code. So are non-working vehicles in driveways, any vehicles on front lawns or other landscaped areas, roofs in disrepair, broken steps or windows, dilapidated porches, etc.

Tree Care 744-4321
In addition to the public right of way, the city’s amended Tree Protection Ordinance addresses mature and healthy trees on private property, limited to native, landmark and specimen trees including oaks, sycamores, camphors and more.

Litter 744-4158
When you’re away from home and need to throw something away, don’t toss it on the ground, even if it’s a small scrap. Instead, look for nearby trash containers. If there’s no container handy, stash your trash in a pocket or shopping bag until you can throw it away properly.

You Call, We Haul 744-4087
When you want to have appliances, mattresses, furniture and other bulky items hauled away, call at least 24 hours before your regular trash collection day to schedule a free pick-up. Then set your items next to your trash cans on your regular trash day no later than 7 a.m. Single-family homes and units in small apartment complexes get one free pick-up per year. Additional pick-ups are available for a fee depending on the size of the load and types of items. Sorry, this service is not available to apartment dwellers in complexes of five units or more.

Trash Cans 744-4633
The Pasadena Municipal Code (PMC) requires trash cans and recycle bins to be placed on the curb no more than 24 hours before or after the regular trash pick-up day. Then they must be stored in an area that is not visible from the street.

Recycling 744-4721
You can put more items than you may realize in your blue-lidded recycling container, even empty aerosol cans, rinsed-out food and beverage containers, flattened boxes, phone books and plastic containers with a number 1 through 7 in a triangle on the bottom.

E-cycling 1-888-CLEAN-LA
The city’s bulky item pick-up service can’t accept computers and other electronic equipment and these items are no longer permitted in landfills. Call for a schedule of Los Angeles-area e-cycling events or go to

Help Us Help the Community Provide your comments about trash, recycling, and streets at

Provide your comments about other issues, from unmaintained properties to abandoned vehicles, at

Yard Sales
For information 744-4200
Report an offender 744-4633
Illegal yard sales are creating traffic back-up and neighborhood blight. Permits are required for all yard sales in Pasadena and can be purchased from the city’s Permit Center at 175 N. Garfield Ave. Two yard sales per address are allowed each year, including apartment complexes. Join with your neighbors and hold combined yard sales from time to time! You may place a sign on your property but not in the public right of way.

Clean Up after Rover 744-4633
You can help keep streets, gutters, storm drains, parks and your neighborhood clean by picking up after your pet. Buy a scooper at the pet store or use an old plastic grocery bag to clean up droppings wherever they fall. The Pasadena Municipal Code requires that you clean up any droppings within five minutes, whether your dog leaves them on public property (parks, sidewalks, parkways, etc.) or on private property. Then simply close the bag and drop it in a city trash receptacle or your own garbage can.

It’s the Law! 744-4124
The Pasadena Municipal Code includes rules and regulations for everyone to follow so this can continue to be an outstanding community. Copies are available for viewing at the City Clerk’s Office, Room 237 at Pasadena City Hall; Pasadena Central Library; and at